7 obvious signs that you need a divorce lawyer in Madison

You and your spouse are no longer interested in continuing the marriage. If you file a joint petition for divorce in Madison, you can complete the process within a few months, provided both of you agree on key issues related to the divorce. As per Wisconsin laws, you need to be a resident of Dane County for at least 30 days prior to filing and must be a resident of the state for at least six months. The question is whether you need to lawyer up. Here are obvious signs that you need to consult Madison divorce lawyers

  1. You don’t get along with your spouse. As we mentioned, getting a divorce in Wisconsin is a lot easier when a couple can resolve key issues. However, if you don’t get along with your spouse, it may not be the best idea to deal with the divorce alone. While your spouse cannot stop you from seeking a divorce, they can delay the process. 
  2. You have young children. Divorces often get complicated because couples fight over children. Both partners may want joint custody of the kids, or one parent may refuse to pay for child support. Sometimes when you are in an ugly divorce battle, it can be hard to think impartially and without emotion. An attorney can help you make the right decisions. 
  3. You have considerable assets. High-net divorces are always complicated, and when you have considerable assets, hiring an attorney is always a smart idea. Your lawyer can be your advocate and help you get what you deserve. Don’t let your partner decide what they want without an attorney. 
  4. You need alimony. Also called maintenance in Wisconsin, alimony can be granted to either spouse. If you have been a stay-at-home partner for the most part of your marriage and have been married for long enough, you may qualify for maintenance. Make sure that you talk to an attorney about alimony matters. 
  5. You are a victim of domestic violence. Although unfortunate, it is important to report domestic violence. If you fear for your own or your children’s lives, your lawyer can help get restraining orders. Your lawyer can also ensure that you don’t have to deal with the complications of the divorce alone. They can also help you take action if your spouse violates an order. 

Talk to a top lawyer in Madison immediately if you are dealing with domestic violence or need help understanding divorce laws in Wisconsin. 

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