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Can You Put 245 Tires on 225 Rims?

You can put a 245 tire on a 225 rim. The difference is the width. A 225 tire is 7.5 inches wide, while a 245 tire is 9.5 inches wide. This will result in a rash if you hit a curb with your 225. Besides, a larger tire will offer more grip. However, you need to know that the difference between two tire sizes isn’t always the same.

The 245 tire is wider, making it more difficult to cut through snow than a 225 tire. It has a larger contact patch, which means more power gets put down to the road. Wide tires are also common on high-powered cars, which are often fitted with wide rear tires. However, some people like to stagger their tires to maximize their traction. But, before you can try this, you need to check your rims and tires.

If your rims are 17 inches in width, you can install a 245 tire on them. But, if you want to make sure that you’re going to be safe, you should check the rim size before buying new tires. Rim widths are a big factor when choosing a tire. Make sure you’re buying a suitable rim size. You can use the rim width calculator in the tire size calculator to check the rim width.

If you can’t find the tire size you need, you can use the tire size chart to help you decide which tires will fit your rims. A tire size chart shows the overall section width, the outside diameter, and the sidewall height of the tire. The tire width is also important because it affects the ride, handling, and wear characteristics of the tires. The recommended range is between the middle of the spread and slightly narrower than the rim width.

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