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How to Buy Content in Apple Business Manager

How to buy content in Apple Business Manager is a process that admins follow to deploy Apple devices and acquire content in bulk. Content includes books, apps, and customized apps. These purchases are based on location tokens. You can also assign purchased apps to groups. Apple Business Manager provides a comprehensive user guide that provides step-by-step tutorials for assigning devices, buying content in bulk, and adding locations.

First, you need to enroll in Apple Business Manager. After enrollment, you’ll need to confirm your identity and role within the company. Once you’ve verified this, you’ll be granted an account. By default, your account will be owned by the person whose email address you provide. You can also enable other users to access the account. However, if you want to make it easier for other people to access your content, you can assign them to the role of content manager.

To buy content in Apple Business Manager, you’ll need a reseller ID, organization Apple customer number, and reseller ID. You can enroll multiple reseller IDs if needed. The user interface for Apple Business Manager contains four sections: Organization, People, Devices, and Subscriptions. After enrolling, you can begin buying content and configuring automatic device enrollment. Apple Business Manager is designed for IT administrators and technology managers.

Apple Business Manager manages user device deployment, content purchase, and distribution. It also federates with organizational MDM. Through ABM, organizations can buy content in bulk and remotely distribute it to employees. Content in ABM is categorized into Books, Apps, and custom apps. Buying apps in bulk is easy using the Apps and Books feature. The app content management system also tracks assigned content to users, making reassignment and revoking easier.

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