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Lam Research Expands in the United States of America

The expansion of Lam Research’s manufacturing operations in Tualatin, Oregon, has created 300 new jobs and opened career opportunities for local residents. The company hires from local talent through contracted staffing agencies and offers competitive wages, healthcare coverage, paid time off, and a multi-week training program. The company’s new team members will begin a training program in the city and will move on to the company’s global headquarters in San Jose, California.

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Lam Electronics uses chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and electrochemical deposition (EDP) processes to form metal films for conductors. Atomic layer deposition forms tungsten metal films for vertical connections in multilevel interconnect chip designs. Plasma-enhanced CVD and ALD processes create dielectric films. These technologies are used to create hardmasks. In addition to plasma etching equipment, Lam also provides services for semiconductor manufacturing.

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As the semiconductor industry began recovering from the downturn in the late 1990s, the company expanded globally and added new products. The first product to incorporate TCP technology was the TCP 9400 polysilicon etching system. TCP systems used advanced plasma-etch technology. The new technology was expected to enhance chip uniformity and improve chip quality. This expansion led to Lam’s recent merger with OnTrak Systems Inc.




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