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Lenovo China Restructures Business Divisions

Since its IPO on the STAR stock market in Shanghai last October, Lenovo China has been roiled by accusations that the company is prioritizing the international market over its home market, neglecting Chinese rivals, and forgetting its origins as a state-owned enterprise. Many critics claim that Lenovo has never mastered the art of passing the loyalty test, and that its story serves as a warning for others who are late to the game. In particular, it seems that the company has failed to live up to expectations, and has suffered from a long-standing reputation for sexism. Learn about history and trends today!

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The company’s decision to restructure its businesses follows other Chinese tech giants that have restructured their businesses recently. Shares in Lenovo China fell 42% in late September, but still outperformed those of other Chinese companies. After the announcement, Lenovo’s CEO outlined progress in marketing and alternative business lines outside the core PC business. Although he did not elaborate on how he plans to move forward with his restructuring plan, he did tell employees that he intends to continue expanding the company’s presence in the world. Check out this site to get more info.

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Earlier this year, the company announced plans to restructure its business divisions. The move comes on the heels of recent reorganization announcements by Chinese tech giants, including Lenovo. After the company’s reorganization, Lenovo shares fell more than four percent in late September. Despite the decline, the stock outperformed most other Chinese tech firms, which also announced restructuring plans. The company’s CEO, Lin Bin, recently wrote a letter to its employees laying out the company’s progress in marketing and alternatives outside of the core PC business.

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