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ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ:MTX)

ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ:MTX) is a technology company that provides information technology and technical services to federal government customers. The company offers services that include cybersecurity, enterprise information technology, software development, test and evaluation, multi-disciplined intelligence, and intelligence and command, control and communications. Its employees work in a wide variety of fields, including defense, aerospace, and defense-related industries.

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The company provides services and solutions related to cybersecurity and cyber network operations. It has operations in 44 countries and is an industry leader in systems engineering. The company also provides services for data center security, bio-security, and risk management. The company is a leader in integrating mission-critical systems, including software and hardware. The company’s products and services include a broad range of cyber and IT infrastructure protection.

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The company specializes in developing and implementing global logistics solutions for government and industry. The company provides testing and evaluation solutions that are vital to the accuracy of weapons and other critical infrastructure. The company is also an industry leader in environmental range & sustainability planning, biological resources, and policy development. Its mission-critical solutions are critical to the safety and security of our nation. And, as a global company, ManTech has an unparalleled reputation for innovation.

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As an international technology company, ManTech has made a commitment to national security. The company focuses on critical national defense programs. It designs enterprise IT systems, develops enterprise communication systems, and supports all C4ISR systems. The company takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity by offering a full-spectrum of security services, including cyber security. The goal is to provide the most secure and reliable environment for U.S. government employees and Foreign Service personnel.

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