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Tire Shops – Mounting Tires That Were Not Purchased From Them

Some of us buy our tires from online retailers like Amazon or Cyclegear, but are they willing to mount them? There are many reasons why these establishments don’t want to mount tires that weren’t purchased from them, including liability concerns and the need to protect their interests. If you’re in need of mounting a tire that wasn’t purchased at a local retail establishment, you might want to try Craigslist or your local bike forums for suggestions. Alternatively, you could always contact a local bicycle repair shop and ask for a quote. You can save yourself at least $20 by mounting your tires yourself, but that’s a whole lot of money in the long run.

Many of the brick-and-mortar tire stores don’t stock every tire model and size. Those that do don’t usually carry every tire make and model are out of luck. However, some online retailers do offer mounting services. Just make sure that you read their return policy carefully. You don’t want to have to spend money and time on mounting a tire that’s too worn or unsafe for your car.

Many car owners today want to limit their contact with mechanics. This means minimizing the number of visits you make to a local mechanic. Some shops are even offering basic car maintenance offsite. Some, such as NTB and Tire Kingdom, offer mobile tire installation services in limited markets. Similarly, Pep Boys offers Touchless Drop-Off services, wherein the car’s surface is disinfected and the keys are sanitized.

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