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What Are the Worst Applications in the Google Play Store?

What are the worst applications on the Google Play Store? These applications make no sense and don’t do anything. Some make noises and show fun colors, but do nothing. They quickly lose their charm. Some pretend to do useful things, but are ineffective and hinder users’ lives. Here are some examples of these apps. This list doesn’t cover every application in the Play Store. There are several categories.

First off, apps developed by unethical companies such as Cheetah Mobile are the worst. The majority of their apps are completely worthless. One of the most notorious apps of this type was Clean Master, which claimed to cool your phone and increase its speed. This app also revoked your permissions to install applications, and there was no way to uninstall it. Sophos also urged users to delete these apps. Fortunately, Google has removed many of them from the Play Store.

Another app in this category is Facebook. While the app works pretty much like the iOS version, it’s riddled with bugs and other problems. Trying to find settings on Facebook is a major pain, and Facebook regularly resets these settings after an update. Still, it’s a necessary evil for most users. There are many other applications that have no business being in the Play Store. There are even more applications that should be removed from Google’s play store.

Claims to be an antivirus and phone cleaner are also a red flag. These apps are nothing more than glorified adware. They ask for unnecessary permissions and can even harm your phone. A few of them are even worse than free antivirus programs. We recommend Avast (Free) and AVG for your phone. The latter two are also free. You may find antivirus apps worth the money.

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