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What Do the Numbers on Tires Mean?

Tires have various newtoxicwap numbers on them. The numbers are standardized by the government. These numbers can be further broken down into letters and numbers. Knowing which number goes with which tire is helpful when shopping around for a new set of tires. The number of tread is important, as it determines how much traction it will have. The tnmachiweb numbers on the tires are also useful in price matching. This article will help you understand what these numbers mean and how they may be helpful to you.

Next to each letter is a number that indicates the type of construction of the tire. For example, an R signifies radial construction. A B or D signifies a belted or diagonal bias construction. The number 15 indicates the tire’s diameter, which is often measured in inches. In addition, there is a number following the letter that indicates the maximum speed that the tire can handle. This is the speed rating.

The letters and number 7hdstar s on tires represent important information. They isaidubnews give a clear picture of the type of tire that you’re buying. For example, “P” tires are for light passenger cars, while “LT” tires are for heavier vehicles. Another important piece of information is the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is a percentage of the tire’s width to its height. The higher todaypknews the ratio, the wider the tire is.

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