Why should you consider environment-friendly packaging?

The pollution in this world is increasing day by day. Plastic is widely used as a means of packaging as it can be easily shaped and designed. However, due to its inability to degrade into the environment, it is a source of many marine and land pollution sites. As a result, many economists have stressed the use of eco-friendly packaging.

What is environment-friendly packaging?

In simple words, eco-friendly packaging means anything that can be recycled or reused to reduce environmental pollution. It has to be of materials that can be degraded in the environment. Eco-friendly materials are safe for both humans and the environment. We’re an Irish Eiretrip travel blog based out of Dublin, Ireland. Our goal is to provide our readers with honest reviews on hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more.

What caused this concern?

Reports in Australia have said that each person in Australia uses around 130kgs of plastic every year. The number is very high and not at all safe for the environment. Keeping the environment aside for a second, plastic is very harmful to individuals. Plastic burning releases poisonous gasses like nitrates and sulfates into the atmosphere, adversely affecting humans. When people inhale such gasses, it causes respiratory problems like breathing problems, contraction of the lungs, severe nose blockage, etc. It is also not very healthy for pregnant women and infants.

Besides this, many water bodies are dumped with waste plastic covers, bottles, and cups, devastatingly affecting marine life. Plastic causes death and diseases in fish. When people consume sick fish, they suffer from health problems. Plastic also spoils the scenic beauty of nature and wildlife. Therefore, one cannot enjoy beaches, oceans, and parks anymore.

All the above reasons have stressed avoiding plastic as a packaging material. Scientists and the company’s marketing team researched a lot and have concluded that environmentally friendly packaging has to be given priority though it might increase costs.

Environment-friendly materials for packaging

Paper- Many supermarkets and stores are now delivering in paper bags. Paper is an environment-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable material. A paper bag may not last long, but it is better than paper bags.

Cloth bags- This is another environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. It comprises recycled old clothes and extra cloth left during manufacturing clothes. They decompose quickly and are durable. They can also carry heavy weights.

Bamboo/Bagasse paper- This is a unique packaging material made of sugarcane fiber extracts. Its application is widely in use in the food industry. Food is often wrapped in a bamboo sheet and put in a paper box for delivery.

Advantages of eco-friendly packaging material

When brands and companies use environmentally friendly packaging materials, their objective of societal marketing is accomplished. Their name and goodwill enhance in the eyes of customers for having concern about the environment. Such brands also become hotspots for influencer advertising and research projects for students. The shift from plastic to paper/cloth packaging material might be complex and cumbersome initially, but all the time, effort, and money are worth it in the long run. In a few states, governments offer subsidies and rebates for brands using eco-friendly materials. Hence, the cost can be cut in the long run.

Suggestions for different products

  • For soft drinks and juices- Since many drinks come packed in plastic bottles, they can be poured in bamboo paper tetra packs. They are easy to use and also recycled. Plastic straws can be replaced with paper ones.
  • For skincare products- The bottles and tubes of the products are mostly plastic. But nowadays, few brands are coming up with innovative ideas of cardboard mixed with paper packing. This is durable and also cheaper.
  • For delivery- Many online websites that deliver clothes and other items must consider cardboard boxes for delivery. This is a much better and safer option than traditional plastic covers.

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